Day trip to Nitra, Nitra Castle

Day trip to Nitra

A day trip to Nitra is a good option above all for the groups staying in Bratislava. We recommend to combine Nitra

Self trekking holidays in Slovakia

Trekking trip of Slovakia

Trekking trip of Slovakia is a guided tour for the groups in Slovakia with either English, Spanish or French speaking trekking guide

Pribylina open air museum

Open air museum in Pribylina

Discover one of the most preserved and interesting museums of Slovakia Nestled in the heart of Slovakia lies a hidden gem that

top 10 ski resorts in Slovakia, Donovaly

Top 10 ski resorts in Slovakia

Although Slovakia does not have the mountains as big as the Alps in Austria, Italy or Switzerland, offers also good possibilities for

Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava by train

MICE offer for Hungarian Market

Bratislava Bratislava (Pozsony) is a capital city of Slovakia as well as the biggest Slovakian city. Between 1536 -1830, 11 Hungarian kings

Budapest & Slovakia Group Tour

Budapest & Slovakia Group Tour

Slovakia & Budapest have more common then you think. Not only geographical proximity, but also historical connections, cultural similarities, architectural influences, cuisine

Circuito por Eslovaquia cultural

Cultural Slovakia

Slovakia, the hidden gem in Central Europe, located just a few steps from Vienna airport, is ready to be discovered by E-TRAVEL.SK.