Experiences with E-TRAVEL.SK sign

Are you looking for something specific an unforgettable? You are at right address. In E-TRAVEL.SK we always try to give to our products and offers our signature, something what different us from others within your budget. Our bright team always come with fresh ideas what are traditional for chosen destination.

Are your clients the beer lovers? Would they like to fresh their city tour by beer tasting of local specialty beer with Slovak beer peculiarities? Or they prefer the wine, and want to visit the local vineyard in suburbs of Bratislava and learn how the local wine grower produce organic, fully ecological wine without adding any chemicals in 21st century? Or do you hear about peculiarity of Small Carpathian Wine Road located in outskirts of Bratislava – Goose & Duck feast with red cabbage and salty pancake called Lokša with a glass of the favorite wine of Maria Theresa, or maybe one glass is not enough?

We organize also factory visits or cultural exchange for students. Did you know that Slovakia is a leader in producing the cars per capita? We produce more than 1 million cars per year when population of Slovakia is just 5 million citizens. In circle of 200 km you can find Volkswagen, Jaguar Landover, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Kia factories.

But we are not just a car making country. Slovakia is also a European leader in invocations and IT. Did you know that famous antivirus company ESSET has its headquarters in Bratislava?

We also organized cultural exchanges for students, from primary schools to university students.

A successful, functional team relies on more than just a group of talented individuals. To create a successful team, you need people who know how to relate to one another and work together towards a common goal. The purpose of team building and group activities is to acknowledge, understand and develop effective relationships between individuals to create a “whole” that is greater than sum of its parts. And we in E-TRAVEL.SK are ready to help you to organize outstanding teambuilding such as for instance wild rafting in Bratislava.

Would you like to fresh your sightseeing tour. What do you thinks about the idea, that your guide in Bratislava will be an empress Maria Theresa, or would you mind if your guide in Vienna will be a famous compositor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?