Small Carpathian Wine Road

Small Carpathian Wine Road as you can deduct from its name is located on strips of Small Carpathians Mountain Hills. It is located in outskirts of Bratislava. Starts in Bratislava district Raca. Small Carpathian Wine Road is one of the eight wine regions of Slovakia, also its the biggest one and the most important one. 


Did you know that from Small Carpathian Wine Road come from the most favorite wine of empress Maria Theresa?


The route starts in Bratislava’s eastern district Rača, continue thru royal towns Svätý JurPezinok and Modra and includes also couple of stylish wine-fashion villages and the end of the route it is in Trnava. Trnava is also well known under the nick-names “Slovakian Rome” or “Little Rome” thanks to great amount of sacral buildings including cathedrals, churches, monasteries and chapels.

The region it is not only about beautiful nature, vineyards and wine. It is also about the rich cultural legacy, unique architecture, folk traditions and gastronomy. 

The main historical highlight of the Small Carpathian Wine Road is beautiful Red Stone Castle, located above the village Častá. The castle boast with the biggest cellars in Central Europe. Although you may anticipate, the cellars were used as wine-cellars for storage the wine, it is not true. The cellars were used for storage of copper. The owners of the castle was the family Fugger, who were also co-owners of one of the biggest companies in its times, the company name was Thurzo-Fugger Company and in 16th & 17th centuries this company was the biggest producer of copper.

Another highlight of Small Carpathian Wine Road are traditional manufactures of traditional pottery – called Majolika. Majolika is always a nice souvenir from your trip to Small Carpathians. 

As regards gastronomy for this region its typical goose & duck feasts. The Slovaks traditionally eat roasted goose/ duck with salty pancake called “Lokša” and red cabbage, and of course drink local fine wine :). Varieties of white muscatel such as Welschriesling , Rhine Riesling,  
Gruner Veltliner
, White Burgundy or blue varieties including Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent are grown here.

According to the legends Blaufränkisch was the favorite wine of empress Maria Theresa. Legend says that always when Maria Theresa drunk the Blaufränkisch , she got pregnant. As you know Maria Theresa had 16 children.

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