Top 10 Castles in Slovakia

Slovakia boasts with more than 100 castles. Some of them are in very good condition, some of them are just remains. But even though the remains they will still tell you a lot of about the rich history of Slovakia.

1. Bratislava Castle

The first written notice about Bratislava Castle came from 9th century. Today’s look got thanks to reconstruction under the rule of Maria Theresa. The most significant part of the castle which is called Theresianum built in 1786. In May 1811 the castle burned up. The latest reconstructions of Bratislava’s castle were in 1968 and 2016. From courtyard of Bratislava Castle there is a nice view on Bratislava City Center, District Petrzalka, you can see from there also Austria and in good weather Hungary too.

2. Devin Castle

The castle situated on border line between three countries – Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic and in confluence of river Moravia and river Danube. The Devin Castle is the oldest castle of Slovakia, according the legends at the castle lived and worked St. Cyril and Method, the patrons of Slovakia, who invented first Slavic script Hlaholika, which is predecessor of Russian & Bulgarian alphabet.

3. Red Stone Castle

The most beautiful castle in Small Carpathians, just couple of km far from Bratislava. The castle was inhabited till 1945 by noble family Pallfy. The castle boast with the biggest cellars in Central Europe. They were made in order to storage copper. Former owners of Red Stone Castle, the family Fugger, was also co-owner of one of the biggest companies in 16th & 17th century Thurzo – Fugger Company which traded with copper.

4. Beckov Castle

Many legends are still alive among Slovaks about this iconic castle. The castle is on 50 m high cliff over the village Beckov, close to the longest river of Slovakia – Vah. The first written notice about the caslte is from 1200. It belonged to nobleman Matus Cak Trenciansky, whose nick-name was also the Lord of Vah & Tatras. The name of the castle according to the legends is derived from the name of the clown Becko, for who built the castle nobleman Ctibor.

5. Nitra Castle

Nitra is the oldest city of Slovakia. The Nitra Castle was built in 11th century on location of former Slavic stronghold. The core of the castle includes basilica of St. Emeram with residence of Nitra’s Archbishop.

6. Trencin Castle

The symbol of city of Trencin located on the cliff over the city. It is one of the biggest castles in Europe. The most famous owner of the castle was a nobleman Matus Cak Trenciansky, who had greater power than king. The most famous is 80 m deep Well of Love. According the legend the well is connected with love story of Omar & Fatima. Turkish prince Omar who loved Fatima, who was kidnapped by the owner of the castle Stefan Zapolsky, had to dig for four years, till he managed to get a water to the castle. Afterwards he was released to freedom with his love Fatima.

7. Bojnice Castle

Also called “the Cinderella Castle” is one of the most beautiful and visited castles in Central Europe. Originally it was a wooden castle, but the owner noblemen Jan Palffy decided to rebuilt it onto romantic castle. Jan Palffy managed all build works. He was inspired when building the castle with gothic castles on river Loire in France. Every year at the castle takes place popular Festival of Ghosts.

8. Strecno Castle

The Strecno castle is a medieval castle of an irregular plan located in northern Slovakia, close to city of Zilina. The castle stands on 104 metre high calcite cliff above the village Strecno. Along with the Old Castle constitutes a significant landscape landmark of Upper Vah region. In the castle were shot a famous fairytale “The Dragons Heart”.

9. Orava Castle

One of the biggest tourist attractions of Slovakia is an iconic Orava Castle, built like a “eagle nest” on the cliff over Orava river and village Oravsky Podzamok. It was a center of former Orava Region in Hungarian Kingdom. In the castle were shot many films such as Dracula by BBC.

10. Spiss Castle

The biggest castle in Central Europe is together with “Slovakian Vatican” Spisska Kapitula part of UNESCO World Heritage. The first written notice about the castle is from 11th century. The castle in 1780 fired up and reconstruction works started in 1970.

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