Bratislava as an ideal location for MICE event

Bratislava as one of the youngest capital cities in Europe, and also in the world, thanks to its unique location is a ideal place for MICE event. Bratislava is located on border of three states, Austria, Hungary and Czech republic. It is easily accessible, as Vienna airport is located just 45  km from Bratislava’s city center, and in the Bratislava there is also an airport, operating mainly low cost airlines. But Bratislava is not only a fresh, modern city, but it is also the city with rich and colorful history. Bratislava between 16th – 18th century, was a capital city of Hungarian part of Austro – Hungarian Empire. At St. Martin’s Cathedral were crowned 18 Hungarian Kings & Queens.

Today as Slovakia is since 2004 a part of European Union, and from 2009 part of Eurozone, so our currency is EURO comparing to neighboring countries like Czech republic, Poland, Hungary which have own national crowns. These advantages together with unique location and accessibility of Bratislava are key factors why Bratislava is an ideal place for MICE event.

Advantages of Bratislava as the MICE location in nutshell:

  • Vienna airport is located just 45 minutes from Bratislava’s city center and Bratislava’s airport just 15 minutes.
  • Location of the city on border of three countries.
  • Twin city to Vienna. Bratislava and Vienna are two closest capital cities in Europe, just one from another about 1 hour drive by bus.
  • You can get to Bratislava by train, by car, by bus, or even by river cruise from Vienna, what is always a good choice for incentive groups.
  • Also another capital Budapest is just two hours far away Bratislava.
  • Bratislava is a part of Small Carpathian Wine Road, old tradition of producing high quality wine with endless wine cellars suitable for wine tasting ad wine gala dinner
  • Bratislava is the IT city as well, e.g. in Bratislava is headquarters of famous antivirus company ESSET.
  • Bratislava is also engineering city – Volkswagen plant, oil refinery Slovnaft, etc.
  • Unique Bratislava’s cuisine which is a mix of Slovakian, Hungarian, Austrian & Czech cuisine with high quality restaurants in the city for affordable prices.

Although we still live in “COVID times” we in E-TRAVEL.SK believe that the times of MICE events, and renaissance of traveling is just about the corner. So if you about to plan first postcovid meeting, or congress and looking for an perfect destination contact us at: [email protected]

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