Musical Bratislava

Bratislava as a capital city of former Hungarian Kingdom was the important cultural city. The short distance between Bratislava and Vienna strongly influenced the cultural life in Slovakian Capital. In Bratislava was born several famous compositors and also some famous compositors had concerts in Bratislava.

 The famous compositor who was born in Bratislava was Johan Nepomuk Hummel. His father was theater musician in Bratislava & Vienna. Hummel was a student of F.P. Riglera in Bratislava. During his studies in Vienna, his roommate was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who gave him complimentary music classes. He worked as successor of Johan Hayden in Eisenstadt, afterwards in Stuttgart and Weimare. He was famous thanks to his brilliant musical performances and improvisations.

Franz Liszt was a worldwide famous musical compositor and piano virtuoso. Due to multi – ethnicity of former Austro – Hungarian Empire it’s difficult to determine his nationality. One of his nicknames was also the lost son of Slovakia. He had a first concert in Bratislava as 9 years old. The Bratislava’s nobleman’s fallen in love with his music and started to support him. They funded his studies in Vienna. Franz List whole his life with joy return to Bratislava, where often payed visited his family and preformed concerts. Mostly he conducted in St. Martin’s Cathedral.

Joseph Haydn was a famous Austrian musician and compositor. He was a chief musician of noble family of Esterhazy with their main palace in Eisenstadt, but they had also a palace in Bratislava. Therefore Haydn often had been visiting Bratislava. Once he visited Bratislava, in order to find a singer for Esterhazy family, and his comical opera La Canterina (The Singer) had a premiere in Bratislava, in the presence of Maria Theresa and her son Joseph II.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German musical compositor of Vienna’s classical music of Flemish descent and one of the most famous compositors of musical history. Beethoven visited Bratislava several times. He composed also in Bratislava his famous Sonata of Love. At Panska street in Bratislava is located Keglevich Palace, where lived daughter of nobleman Keglevich Babette von Keglevich, he was platonic fallen in love with her. Beethoven visited her several times.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as 6 years old had a concert in Bratislava in Palffy Palace in Venturska street in 1762. His concert remind memorial plaque on facade of the Palace.

Lucia Popp was a famous opera singer (soprano) of worldwide fame. Originally she had been studying the medicine, but she left it and  started to attend musical school. From 1963 she started preforming in Austria, where she gained fame thanks to her performance in opera The Magic Flute. She performed also in New York, and also in Covent Garden. She died prematurely in her age of 54 years due to brain tumor. She is burried in Bratislava.

Edita Gruber is a famous Slovakian soprano. She studied in musical school in Bratislava. Her premier was taken place in 1968 as Rosina in Opera Barber from Sevilla. After finishing her studies she started to perfrom in Vienna. Edita Gruber is an honorable member of Vienna’s Opera.

Bratislava as important cultural city also nowadays offer endless possibilities of cultural life and events. For the offer contact us at: [email protected]

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